The Moscow Zoo

As an Omaha native, I know a good zoo when I see one. Although the Moscow Zoopark, as it is more accurately translated, isn’t quite as impressive as our very own Henry Doorly Zoo back home, it is good nonetheless, if only for its high entertainment value. I had a whole day to hang out in Moscow after my parents and brother left, so my friend Estelle (who is doing an internship there for the summer) and I decided to check it out. I was a little burned by the early afternoon, but it was worth it to see all the weird animals and the weirder human beings.

The impressive entrance - kind of like a Hobbit house


A clever choice for the first animal you see upon entering: strangely lovable (like Russia) and just weird enough to pique your curiosity and keep going...

Estelle and I heard a woman say “Krasavitsa!” when she saw this, which is basically like “Oh how pretty!” We just cracked up laughing.


Saddest looking camels on the planet

Estelle described them as old Soviet camels..I wouldn't be surprised if they were left over from Stalin's days...


You can pet anything with hooves basically...


...but signs all over warn "BE CAREFUL! THE ANIMALS BITE!"....


...and the billy goats seem chill but are weirdly agressive.

Not from the zoo, but a cool picture all the same


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